KITCHEN MAN is a sink brand owned by Sanhe Factory.Foshan Nanhai Sanhe Stainless Steel Products Factory, founded in 1995, has been focusing on the development and production of stainless steel sinks and kitchen&bath products for 26 years, we obtained CUPC certification and NSF certification. We can offer an wide range of kitchen sinks in various size and design as well as usage scenarios to fulfill each clients demands.

KITCHEN MAN have 2 production bases
Market Distribution

Our markets are all over North America, South America, Australia, Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia. As a manufacturing company, we are committed to improving service quality for current and future customers through professional business communication, best product solutions and consistent quality to ensure the on-time product delivery at all times.

  • Price advantagePrice Advantage
  • Punctual DeliveryPunctual Delivery
  • Product QualityProduct Quality
  • R & D StrengthR & D Strength

Price Advantage

We are a professional manufacturer of stainless steel kitchen sinks, with 26 years of production and research and development experience, with absolute advantages in material and equipment costs. Source manufacturers, first-hand supply. We have more experience in loading containers in logistics than in other factories. Product design is conducive to a large number of cabinets. Enjoy absolute price competitiveness.

Punctual delivery

Punctual Delivery

We have sufficient stock of raw materials. The company has 10 hydraulic drawing machines over 1,000 tons, and 8 production lines for drawing grooves and manual grooves. With the most advanced automatic laser cutting equipment in the industry, the cutting of large and small batches of workpieces can be flexibly operated, and the cutting cycle can be shortened by one week; the automatic CNC sanding machine can operate in three shifts.

Product quality

Product Quality

We have a product research and development team that has been in the bathroom industry for 10 years. We can also design products according to customer descriptions and render them in 3 days. We have a sound quality management system. QA, QE, QC staff are fully equipped. From the raw materials, the production process to the packaging, there are dedicated inspections. The company has obtained CUPC and NSF certificates. And it goes through factory inspection every year.

R & D strength

R & D Strength

Since its establishment, the company has designed and produced as many as 500 sink products. The surface treatment of the product has created a unique standard polishing, and the special polishing equipment that the peers does not have has been designed and modified by itself, which has improved the unevenness of the traditional polishing treatment and greatly improved the production. Efficiency, and at the same time reduce costs.



- We have many professional and technical personnel who have been immersed in the bathroom industry and kitchenware industry for more than 10 years. Have a full set of service capabilities from market research, project planning, product design, structural design, manufacturing, product testing and product launch.

- According to the customer's sample, size or oral requirements, product design, mold making and trial production of samples. Both stretch sinks and manual sinks can be developed.

- We can also help customers design picture albums and provide customers with online sales pictures and video production. Help customers promote their products and their own strengths, and help companies promote their company's strengths and products. Provide marketing strategy and trainer product knowledge.